Thursday, August 10, 2017

July 30, 2017

I've come to reflect more often now than a few weeks ago. I think about the past--what I've done, where I've been, who I've spent precious minutes of my life with--and I can't help but feel an overwhelming gratitude and awe. It's a pure feeling of love and fulfillment. The other day we met with our recent convert, Bob. Before we he arrived my companions and I discussed, "Alright, here's what we're going to do: we're going to read the Book of Mormon with Bob and commit him to invite his friends to meet with us". We followed up with Bob's prayers and Book of Mormon reading in the beginning of the lesson and before we even mentioned anything about missionary work, Bob said, "Just the other day I was talking with my friend in my class about church and why I was baptized. I think all the rules like the word of wisdom and other commandments help us feel Heavenly Father's love and help us to love ourselves. After I told my friend about Jesus Christ and the Church I felt a feeling of...what's the right word?..a feeling of....ahhh....Achievement!" 
Bob is a great man, I love him. We will be meeting with him and his friend in the near future. 
It was also incredible to see on Sunday three recent converts I taught with my companions passing the sacrament in their white shirts and ties. Far out, it's a good feeling to see how much they've grown. They've become so much. Anyway, I feel sad to leave this place. I feel stressed too because I've got a lot to cram into the next two weeks. President Parker has asked Elder Pickett and I to video demonstrations of teaching using the Know => Feel => Do pattern so he can use them for the rest of the mission. So we're buckling down to get that done, it's been a fun process. 

Our most recent P-Day, trip to Morialta Falls:

I'm becoming a chinaman: