Monday, July 10, 2017

July 9, 2017: Last Transfer: Week 1

Hi everyone, 
This past week was pretty incredible. We had 6 baptisms in one weekend for the City Branch. Definitely a new record.
We found out at 10.45pm the night before the baptism that the Prospect chapel (where we always do baptisms) was booked for a wedding the entire Saturday. Then we found out that the Firle chapel, the next closest one, was booked at the exact same time we had scheduled our baptism. We decided to hold the baptism at Firle chapel earlier in the day. We had to let everyone know the change in location and time the day of, and then my companions and I raced over to the chapel to fill the font but couldn't get a key to unlock it until an hour before the baptism started. We started filling up buckets and dumping them in the font while the main pipe was pumping water in at the same time. Meanwhile we had to call all our investigators to coordinate rides for them to the new chapel since none of them have cars. And we had to ransack our own closets and the Prospect chapel for baptism clothes for 10 people. Needless to say it was one of the more stressful days of my mission. Coordinating logistics is so fun. 
The baptism ended up going perfectly. Some of the newer recent converts in the branch had the opportunity to baptize for the first time, and the whole program was fantastic. 
We (my companions and I) taught Scott and James, who were part of the 6 baptized that day. It's been amazing to see the growth and progression in these young men and women. They are all such incredible examples to me. 

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