Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 23, 2017--3 Weeks Until Home

I wish I could respond to everything with the limited time we have but I know I'll have a lot more to share face to face. I'll have to sit down and do a slideshow presentation of my mission with everyone so you can have it all. I like how you said, "The more we can learn by doing, the more we receive understanding, strength, and growth." I've learned so many lessons (probably mostly about fatherhood recently--training new missionaries) on my mission and this is one of them. My companions and I have learned so much from our own experience that we share with the zone and then they latch onto that and make huge improvements in their own areas. This month together as a zone we'll baptize at least 12 (our goal was 10). It's fantastic to see that not only are my companions and I baptizing, but the entire zone is catching onto the fire as well. 

 Us with Chris (the recent convert who taught Elders Quorum) at church.  

Four baptisms this weekend. We taught Bob who was baptized by Scott (Scott was baptized just two weeks ago and received the priesthood last week).

Bob: in white on the left. Scott: in white on the right.

 ​Bob and Elder Lam having a good conversation. 
Bob is a great man and he's hilarious: He always starts his prayers off by saying: "Dear Heavenly Father, this is Bob. I will be your most faithful follower and help my friends to know you are real."

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