Tuesday, May 23, 2017

September 25, 2016

1. Elder Kuru (our son, from Perth; he did circus before he came out--juggling, acrobatics, etc. and he liked to play basketball), Me, and Elder Hamilton (we were in the same zone in the MTC; Elder Hamilton is from Mapleton, Utah, and he played football in high school). Taken at our old flat.
2. Our companionship in our new flat.
3. Our new flat. The inside is celestial, complete with granite countertops.
Our new area is Oaklands Park (Marion Ward). The area is really nice--it's a bit of a mix of city/suburb. There are many cultures and ethnicities here, especially Africans. Most people are working class here, more so than in any of my other areas. The ward has about 150 people there on Sunday, and the members are great.

We just moved into a new flat last week, so we spent hours and hours organizing all the extra supplies the old missionaries had left behind and making our new flat look pristine. We've also been organizing the area book, so we've spent quite a few hours at the library this week typing things up. Elder Kuru, our son, is a fantastic missionary. He seems like he came pretrained--he is very good at teaching and helping investigators understand the gospel. We have been biking all around our area, meeting interesting people on the street, even witnessing a minor T-bone car accident right in front of us.
We had a chapel tour with Peng (pronounced Pong) and his wife, Summer, on Saturday. We showed them around the chapel, classrooms, and baptismal font. We invited them to be baptized, and they just need some time to find out for themselves if Heavenly Father is real. Peng has felt the Spirit at times when he prays, and other times he feels like he's just speaking words to the air. He is looking for a job now, and we've encouraged him to pray for help finding one. He and his wife are great--they're very sincere.

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