Tuesday, May 23, 2017

October 9, 2016

I've definitely experienced more spiritual promptings and revelation now than ever before in my mission--it seems we are meeting a lot more prepared, committed people as well. Things have been going great. Peng came to a session of general conference with his student-daughter, Nicole, on Saturday. Lots of the talks were on prayer the session he came to, which was perfect. We love Peng and Summer's family so much--they're hilarious. 
Thanks for the cookie recipe, by the way. Last time we went over they made us sushi and we made cookies as part of an object lesson. Peng wondered how one church could claim to be true and the others be incorrect. We had a cookie recipe (the original), which represented Jesus Christ's original church. One ingredient was Prophets and Apostles, another ingredient was Priesthood Authority, etc. and the basic ingredients (such as flour) represented common beliefs among churches, such as the commandments. We made one batch the Original Church, one batch with something added to the recipe, one batch with something taken away, and one batch with something changed (ex. substitute salt for sugar). The last three batches tasted horrible--all of us were coughing up the cookie haha. The original recipe tasted delicious, as expected. We explained how Jesus Christ gave us the original recipe when he came to earth, but after he left, people added, changed, and took away ingredients from the church to make their own recipe. Although all the cookies look similar, nothing compares to the original recipe in taste. Jesus Christ brought his original recipe back to earth by giving it to Joseph Smith, who would reestablish the church with the exact recipe Jesus Christ laid out in the first place. When we explained it to Peng and his family, everything clicked in his mind--it was amazing. 
As far as feeling scared to come home: I feel that my mission has been too short, and I need to grow more before I return. I've had incredible experiences up to this point, but I have so much more to learn and so little time left to change. That's what it feels like. 
Thanks for all of your love and help, Mom! I really appreciate the constant support you've given me all my life. I love you and look forward to skyping you and the family at Christmas! :)

Elder Koch

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