Tuesday, May 23, 2017

October 3, 2016: Storms, Dumplings, and the Holy Ghost

This past week has been splendid, aside from the constant rain. We had storm warnings and all the missionaries had to stay inside a couple evenings due to the crazy weather. We've been teaching people from all over the world as usual--Africa, China, Cambodia, etc. Right now we are teaching Shu, a uni student from China who is preparing to be baptised later this month. She has been doing great and is definitely one of the most prepared investigators I've had the privilege to teach. 
The other night we showed up at Peng (pronounced "Pong") and Summer's house, the Chinese couple we've been teaching. They take care of two teenage kids, a boy and a girl, who are basically their adopted children. When we knocked on their door, my companions and I looked at each other and said, "You know what would make this the best night ever? If Peng and Summer made dumplings." Peng answers the door 5 seconds later, chewing some food, and smiled as he said, "You lucky tonight...You get dumpling." It was a dream come true. We had dinner with their family and learned how to speak Mandarin and do some Tai Chi. We showed them the Restoration video and taught them the importance of Joseph Smith. They have many questions and are very eager to understand. Peng and Summer came with us to church last Sunday for fast and testimony meeting and they loved it--they were singing the hymns and everything. We look forward to seeing them more and helping them understand the restored gospel for themselves so they can be baptised as soon as they are ready.
One thing I have gained a testimony of recently is the reality of the Holy Ghost. Never before in my life have I felt so many accurate spiritual promptings.
I had a bad feeling one morning that told me we needed to go check on some missionaries because something was wrong. I didn't know exactly what, but the feeling was so strong I couldn't get it off my mind. We drove over that night to see them, and lo and behold, some issues were going on. The Spirit will always tell you where you need to be and what you need to do if you live to be worthy of it. 
The Holy Ghost will also help us feel what is true. The joy of participating in Heavenly Father's plan and knowing who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going with our families is most powerful happiness we can ever know. Nothing is more pure, nothing is more lasting, and nothing is more real than the feelings we receive from the Holy Ghost.

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