Tuesday, May 23, 2017

October 23, 2016

Thanks for sharing your experience of praying about the Book of Mormon and receiving an answer. I think each one of us receives an answer in a slightly different way, but the Holy Ghost speaks to our own understanding and gives us clarity. I remember praying about the Book of Mormon for the first time, and when I asked if it was true, I felt that if I could go back in time to when the Book of Mormon was taking place, I really would see these men and women face to face; I would witness everything that was written--these weren't just stories, they were real events.
We've had lots of interesting things happen this week. Peng and Summer are doing great: Peng got a job doing construction! He's been super busy however, so it's been difficult to see them as often as we have in the past. Sometimes blessings can be tests in disguise.

We started teaching Carl, another Chinese student in his 20s who was found by the sister missionaries. Carl is hilarious--the other day we gave him a chapel tour and he was having some bad hay fever, with puffy eyes and a runny nose. He always carries around a roll of toilet paper to use as tissues when he comes to church. Elder Hamilton had the same hay fever, so the next day we saw Carl, he said to Elder Hamilton in his Chinese accent, "I said prayer for me and you to feel better. I hope you get better." Carl is on baptism date for November 20th.

1. Trade-offs in Mt. Barker
2. Brother DeRomano and his famous pasta.
3. Burning a shirt on my year mark a couple months ago.
4.  Beef Stomach (middle right, orange dish), which we ate with Peng and Summer

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