Monday, May 29, 2017

May 28, 2017

My spiritual highlight this week was seeing our investigator Yuntao and Grenfell's investigator Jason get baptized and confirmed. One month ago Elder Pickett and I were standing outside the teaching center just about to go in to teach two of our investigators, Bryan and Chen. We had an appointment with Yuntao (a potential investigator then) the next day but for whatever reason Yuntao walked up to us outside and started speaking with us. He must've forgotten his appointment was the next day, but we thought we would just take him up and teach him with Bryan and Chen since he was here anyway. We planned to teach Bryan and Chen the Word of Wisdom, but we thought that wouldn't be ideal for Yuntao since he hadn't even been taught how to pray yet. We called all the Elder companionships in the city to help us teach Yuntao separately but none of them were available. So Yuntao jumped in on Bryan and Chen's Word of Wisdom lesson. We had two members there to help us teach, and all of the investigators accepted to live the Word of Wisdom. 
We sent Yuntao a message shortly after to set up his next lesson, and he responded back: "Sorry, I'm not interested in religion". A couple days later we were sending messages to remind our teaching pool about Church the next day. We thought we'd invite Yuntao to church also even though he said he wasn't interested. And he came. He met the members at church and he felt something different that he hadn't felt before. Ever since that day, we taught him the remainder of the lessons and his understanding grew as he applied the gospel in his life. He gained a testimony and became the most solid investigator in our teaching pool. And then he was baptized two days ago.

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