Tuesday, May 23, 2017

January 9, 2017

This past week was fantastic. Lei and Chris, our investigators from China and Malaysia, were baptized on January 8th. It made my birthday much more of a celebration. Lei ("Lay") is hilarious--in church before his baptism, he asked me how old I was and if I had a girlfriend. I told him I didn't have one right now, and he said, "Well you better hurry up!" 
Chris is the man too--he's overcome many concerns in his journey to baptism, and you can see how happy he is with the path he's chosen to walk. Elder Ruppe baptized both Lei and Chris, and I'll have the opportunity to confirm Chris next week. 
At zone conference (where President, Sister Parker, and the Assistants train the zone) we normally receive a training all day, but this time, we had a big brainstorming council on what ideas everyone has for the City. We'll be teaching members how to use Facebook to share the gospel with their friends soon, and we'll be using WeChat (the Chinese's version of skype) to talk with our investigators while they're on holiday in China. President is always developing outside the box ideas for the City (which benefit the entire mission), and it's exciting to be in the middle of it.
I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had so far to serve here. I look forward to seeing you and the family soon, but I'm excited for the next 7 months here too. I've seen miracles in my mission: Duy, Chris, Lei, Ian, and many others who've made the right choices in spite of Satan's attempts to dissuade them. I've experienced change through the Atonement: I have come to see who I really am, who all of us are, and why I'm here. I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, the only one with the power to build, shape, and transform us into perfection; the only One who can lift us above doubt and despair, discouragement and disappointment. I know the future is brighter than the past because of Him. 
Thanks so much Mom for your constant guidance and love. You are loved and appreciated more than you think :) I love you so much, Mom! Have a wonderful week :)

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