Monday, July 18, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I apologise for the lack of emails lately. Here is a brief miracle we
had the other week:  We were biking in the freezing rain along bridge
road--it started hailing and it was so windy that we almost fell off
our bikes several times, and there were fallen tree branches all over
the road and sidewalks. We finally arrived at Joseph's house, a 21
year-old African investigator we found last week who lives in Brahma
Lodge. We pull up and he's sitting in his car, jamming to his music
(he produces Afrobeats music with his boys). He sees us and eventually
he invites us inside his house--we follow him into his cramped, messy
bedroom where we barely fit and we take a seat on his bed, all
uncomfortably squeezed together. We invited him to read the
Introduction to the Book of Mormon in our previous (first) lesson and
he hadn't, so we read it with him and explained a bit more.
At the end of the lesson we said, "Joseph, if you pray with us right
now and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true, we promise he will
answer you."
Joseph asks, "Right now?"
"Yes, right now."
"We promise you Heavenly Father will answer your question--pay special
attention to your thoughts and feelings as you pray, because that is
how the Holy Ghost speaks to us."
Joseph said a prayer and when he asked, "Heavenly Father, is the Book
of Mormon true?" we all felt the Spirit strongly and I was praying for
Joseph to feel it too.
After he said, "Amen," we sat there in silence for a few moments, and
then Joseph said, "It is true. It IS true...Why don't other people
believe it's true?"
We asked him how he knew it was true, and he told us he got an answer
"Because I really wanted to know." He told us he felt a warmth
inside--he felt the Spirit telling him it was right.
That experience with Joseph was one of the coolest experiences of my
mission. There have been times where I've questioned my testimony,
questioned the doctrines of the Church, questioned Joseph Smith,
questioned if what I'm teaching people is actually true, questioned if
God is even there at all. When we have those questions, we don't look
to the opinions of men or our own understanding--we seek truth from
the source of all truth: We seek truth from Heavenly Father, because
the Spirit will tell you everything.

Elder Koch

The missionaries in our flat--Paralowie elders and Brahma Lodge elders (us).

Our companionship: Elder Miller on the Left and Elder Wilkins on the right. Elder Miller is our new son from Utah.