Friday, April 15, 2016

March 28, 2016: Australia Week 30

This week we've had a lot of changes: I have been transferred out of Mt. Barker after being there for only 5 weeks, and I'm pretty cut. The members there are some of the best I've ever been around including a spot-on YSA. I've been transferred to Brahma Lodge, an area in the city (Adelaide). I will be serving as one of the Modbury zone leaders, and my fellow zone leader companion is Elder Boyd. He's 25 and is from Idaho and will be going home in a couple transfers. Elder Boyd is the man--he's a very knowledgeable and mature and relaxed missionary, so I will be learning as much as I can from him before he goes. We will be getting a third companion later on this week who we will both be training.
I'll keep you updated and give you some photos next week.
Spiritual thought for yous: When you hide from the truth, you hide from progression.

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