Friday, April 15, 2016

April 3, 2016: Australia Week 31

Hey Mom, I'll try to respond to your email a bit at a time. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you as much recently. No mass email this week--not enough time.
Quick update for you: Our 3rd companion is Elder Angelo (the g is pronounced as an h), from the Philippines. His English is pretty solid for how long he's been out. Elder Boyd and I are teaching him as much as we can to help him become a solid missionary. Elder Boyd is the man and might as well be the father of 2 kids with the maturity level he has. I'm lucky to have him training me as a zone leader. Things are going great in Brahma Lodge, and we're smashing the work. 
1. What is something you feel the Lord is teaching you right now or since you've been on your mission?Probably humility and selflessness. Before my mission I remember always wanting myself to have the best day ever, making sure I was taken care of and having a good time. I've been doing my best to mature in that way though: doing simple things like washing my companion's dishes or making sure other missionaries' or members'/investigators' needs are a higher priority than my own. Also listening to the Spirit--you can't hear it if you don't listen for it.

 2. What do you feel has been your greatest area of growth since serving a mission?
Probably the next couple of transfers will be. I think the difference between me going in as a young missionary relying on others to tell me where to go, what to do, etc. and having stewardship over 23 other missionaries--helping them know where to go, what to do, giving trainings, etc.--is like the difference between teenagehood and adulthood. I hope to learn as much as I can from Elder Boyd since he's leaving in a couple months and I want to have the same level of confidence and competency that he does by the end of my mission.

 3. What has been the hardest thing about serving a mission/what do you find most challenging on a daily basis or overall?
Companions. Each companion is your friend and makes you laugh in a different way, but it's challenging to get along with them sometimes. In a way, a companionship is like an arranged marriage. One of my companions was extremely messy--he would spill food everywhere and walk away from it, he would never flush the toilet, etc. and I had to be his mom, teaching him basic life skills. It was extremely frustrating. But I think you learn something from every companion and you teach them something as well.

I'll answer a few more questions next time. I love you Mom!! Tell the rest of the family I love them too even though I didn't get a chance to respond to their emails this week.

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