Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 21, 2016: Australia Week 33

This past week has been fantastic as usual. Shanara, our 9 year-old investigator who is the daughter of a less active member is getting baptised this Saturday. I also found out this week that one of the investigators I taught with Elder Duabe in Katherine got baptised recently. We have been teaching nonstop in this area, which I have been loving. We teach people from Nepal, Mayanmar/Burma, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, etc. etc. I'll keep you updated when they get baptised.
One of the different aspects of being a zone leader is ministering, which includes sitting down with contentious companionships and sorting things out. I'm not the best at emotional support so it's been great to have Elder Boyd around to lead the way with those kinds of situations. The things I once thought of as being gossip are now our business to know and discuss amongst the district leaders and assistants, so it's been quite a change.
1. From last week
2. Where we live--the view from our balcony.
3. The temple today.
4. Our son's first day at the Adelaide temple.
5.The temple

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