Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 28, 2016: Australia Week 25

After being in Katherine for 3 months I was expecting to stay, but Elder Duabe is staying instead and I, along with a couple other missionaries from Darwin, flew across the continent again down to Adelaide. I'm now in Mount Barker, a massive area about 30 minutes outside of Adelaide. My companion is Elder Gaastra, from Auckland, New Zealand. 
Elder Gaastra is doing his second transfer so I am finishing his training. Our district has 3 generations in it, my dad (trainer) Elder Kendall, me, and my half son, Elder Gaastra. Since Elder Gaastra is in training we've been figuring out our area this week and have been doing more finding than I ever have in my mission, riding everywhere on bikes, talking to people in the parks, and knocking doors. 
Coming from Katherine where 60% of the populace is aboriginal, it's strange to see so many white people again. This area is very wealthy and prideful, but we've come across a few humble people as well. We haven't taught many lessons this week since we've been spending the majority of our time finding potential investigators. We have a ward here with about 150 active members and I hear the YSA is one of the best in South Australia. Our members are very strong and many of them are keen to come out and teach lessons with us which is awesome. 
It's very cool down here--such a nice change from Katherine. The Mt. Barker area is all hills with windy roads with lots of forest and open plains. If you can imagine living down in the lower areas around Mt. Charleston, that's what it feels like. 
We also attended an islander wedding this week--one of the Murray Bridge (where Elder Kendall and Elder Fitzpatrick are) investigators got married at the chapel. And on Sunday we had stake conference--one of the best meetings I've been to in awhile. 
Elder Kendall was bit by a spider a month ago on his forearm and had to have surgery on it, and a few days ago he got bit by another spider just inches away from the first bite. He had to have surgery for that one as well. Keep him in your prayers.
Thank you so much for all the packages and letters--I got the one from the ward a few weeks ago. I have some photos for you this week as well:

1. A spider we found at someone's house in Katherine.
2. Where we stayed in Katherine.
3. Last day in Darwin.
4. Elder Makai, me, and Elder Fitzpatrick getting ready to fly down to Adelaide.
5. Flight path.
6. The view from the plane
7. Mt. Barker area--my companion
8. A park in Mt. Barker where we go contacting often.
9. The plane flight down.

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