Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 15, 2016: Australia Week 23

Hey everybody, I've got some photos this week. I know I haven't written a real email for you in awhile, so I'll do my best to do that next week. Once we email President and upload photos there's not too much time left, but I'll share some stories with you next time. 

Photos Link:

1. Brother Friday looking scholarly.
2. We found a new place to live. We occasionally go out to visit a less active member named Moses and his wife and kids and this is where he lives. 
3. Elder Duabe's birthday lunch. The Farrers are awesome: they always shout us steaks when they come down. (To "shout" means to pay for someone, usually in reference to food.)
4. One way to wash a car. 
5. If you look closely, every one of those black dots is a bat. There are heaps of bat-infested trees in Katherine.
6. Edith Falls. Sometimes a less active member will take us out to see some scenery, and it's always nice to go for a p-day hike. 

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