Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 1, 2016: Australia Week 21

This week we had a few interesting experiences. We have one investigator on date for baptism, Dianne. She is an older aboriginal woman who has been coming to church the past couple of weeks. Many of our aboriginal investigators in Katherine have a hard time reading so we teach them using the Book of Mormon Stories children's book, explaining the stories through pictures. We also teach the lessons in the pamphlets just using the pictures. This teaching style has been quite a challenge for me since I'm used to teaching lessons to people who can read scriptures and other things, but I'll be a master of FHE lessons when I come home. 

Probably one of the most difficult trials in Katherine is the heat. We ride our bikes all day and there's no escape from it. Many of the homes we visit only have fans, no air cons (AC). 

Wild story for you this week: we went to visit Brotha Friday, but he wasn't home, so we were just about to head off when we heard this man screaming and groaning. A man came out from behind the units with his shirt off, clutching his hand in his shirt, yelling at us, "CALL AN AMBULANCE!" I thought he was just drunk and going on a rampage, so I didn't do anything at first. He walked toward us and screamed at us, "CALL AN _____ AMBULANCE! MY FINGERS ARE CHOPPED OFF!" So I finally dialed 000 (Australia's 911) and told the operator about the situation. I still didn't really believe the screaming man, but I told the operator to send an ambulance and the man walked over to us and started talking to the operator on the phone. The man opened his uninjured hand, and there was one of his fingers, chopped clean off. He said someone had slammed the door on his hand and two of his fingers were amputated. I'm not sure if he lost the other one or what, but it didn't look too good. He walked over to the other side of the street and waited for the ambulance which rocked up about 10 minutes later.

We see fights all the time around here--some of them are crack up as and others are just sad. We were walking away from one of our appointments when a crowd gathered around the street and two men started going at it, until one of them knew he was going to lose and stormed off, screaming "Somebody call the police!" 

Besides those adventures, everything is going fairly normal around here. I've heard that transfers might be changing to 5 weeks instead of 6, so that will be interesting. 

Spiritual thought for yous: We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences. 

The entire purpose of your existence is for a spiritual reason; worldly success is confined to your lifespan, but spiritual success extends into eternity. 


1. The train bridge above the Katherine River: CHRIST IS THE CONQUEROR 
3. Elder Duabe and Elder Makai passed out on the drive from Darwin to Katherine.
4. Elder Dietz (the new missionary) cooking us up a feed. 
5. Elder Seru (going home in a few weeks)
6. Elder Fitzpatrick and Seru at the Farrer's
7. Brotha Friday coming with us to teach a lesson to an Aboriginal investigator
8. Most of the aboriginal flats look like this.
9. A glorious day in Katherine. 

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