Monday, February 1, 2016

January 25, 2016: Australia Week 20

This week we've been in Darwin for a training and district conference, so we've had a fantastic week. We're heading back down to the promised land in about 10 minutes, so I'll write you something longer next week. Photos will also come next week as well. 
We've had a few changes in the mission recently: we have 5 assistants to the president (2 in Adelaide, 2 travelling assistants, and 1 in Darwin), weights are no longer allowed because missionaries have been getting too ripped, and there is no more morning sport either (getting together with other missionaries to play sport/exercise in the morning).
Elder Toi ("toy") is our new assistant in Darwin, from Melbourne/New Zealand. Elder Dietz is the new missionary up here from Canada, a tall blond white boy--I had the chance to go on a trade off with him and his companion, Elder Costales (from the Philippines, one of the funniest missionaries I know) and Elder Dietz is a solid missionary, very keen to do the work. Elder Fitzpatrick (Elder Fitzy) and his companion, Elder Seru ("say-roo") (big strong black boy from Fiji) is sadly going home in a few weeks
I'll give you some more updates about more interesting things next week, along with photos. 

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