Monday, February 1, 2016

January 18, 2016: Australia Week 19

Hello everybody, this week I'd like to take some time to answer some individual emails, so I'll just give you a bit of everyday terms people use here. 

Australian:                           American translation:
fizzy drink                             soda
cheers                                    thanks
bloke                                     guy
mob (aboriginal slang)         people
"that's alright"                      used in place of "you're welcome"
"no worries"                         also commonly used in place of "you're welcome"
ages                                      a long time (forever ago)

I'll add to the list as we go. Here are the photos:

1. Here's a tracting photo for the heck of it. I guess they don't like dogs.
2. A pig in a yard. 
3-5. Minigolf at Rotary Club (where we do service every week)
6. Reading the Book of Mormon with Brotha Friday.
7. The Second Coming in Katherine.
8. Houses on stilts and a big rain coming.
9. Second Coming part 2 
10. This is from ages ago, with Elder Costales and Elder Heindel (now in Alice Springs) in Darwin.

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