Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 11, 2016: Australia Week 18

Hey everyone, I don't have much time this week but I got my dropbox organised so you should be able to see heaps of photos and videos. I am staying in Katherine for another 6 weeks and so is my companion. So I am looking forward to eating rice for at least 84 more meals (lunch and dinner every day). Great times. 
Here is the link for the dropbox, Week 18:
Let me know if it doesn't work, but hopefully it should be good to go. 

1. Ashton is an 11 year old kid whose family is eternal investigators. He told us a story about how, "When I was 8 years old, I pretty much dated my entire classroom." Haha he's crack up. Funniest 11 year old kid I know. 
Also, crocs are approved in the NT since it's so humid. Anywhere else in the mission they'd be apostate, but we get lots of special privileges up here.
2. We went to Edith Falls which is part of Nitmiluk National park. My companion and I feat. Ashton. 
3. The bats hang out in the trees like this every day. 
4. Cooking sausages (Australians' version of the hot dog) and onions at Rotary Club, the preschool/young children's place we do service every week. 
5. My flash new bike (the spare one I get to use now that the pedal snapped off my first one).  
6. The Farrers (senior couple missionaries) took my companion and I out for dinner on my birthday.
7. Dessert
8. Another dead bat haha
9. Adobo, a Filipino dish my companion makes frequently
10. Jumping Croc video
11. Brotha Friday. He's the man. 

-Elder Koch

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