Thursday, January 14, 2016

December 29, 2015: Australia Week 16

This week was a world of joy. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and I hope you're having a wonderful last week of feasting before your New Year's resolutions begin. 
The highlight of my week was skyping my family on Christmas and seeing that nothing has changed except my brother's voice. We had a pretty quiet Christmas here in Katherine--some members (the Luccheses "Loo-cheese-eez") had us over for breakfast and we visited with our investigator John the rest of the day. 
Our Christmas present as the Darwin Zone was going to Jumping Crocs, a tour on the Adelaide River where the tour guides tease the Crocodiles with meat and they jump out of the water to snatch it. (Pictures and video below / in second email)
It was raining for several days straight last week so we had to stay in the flat since we don't have a car. You'll ride past a field on the way to an appointment and when you ride back, that field will be a lake. We've gotten caught in the rain several times this week and you end up wetter than if you had jumped into a swimming pool--people aren't too keen to welcome us into their homes on those days, so we spent the rainy days studying up on deep doctrine. 
Miracles in Katherine: we had a whopping 15 people at church last week (including us), a massive improvement from 2 the last Sunday we were here. We've had several families move in and it makes a huge difference. 
Miracle No. 2: we taught an aboriginal man, Frederick, the other day and committed him to baptism in the first lesson. There may be some Word of Wisdom issues, but we have confidence that he will be able to follow through if he really wants to.

I have heaps of photos so there will be a second email for sure, possible a third since there is a jumping croc video.

-Elder Koch

1. Darwin Zone
2. The wetlands near Adelaide River
3. The car park and surrounding bush land
4. They had a python at the Jumping Crocs tour
5. Elda Costales and I on the river
6. Adelaide River

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