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December 21, 2015: Australia Week 15

This week has been great. I can't say we've been super productive though because we've been in Darwin all this weekend for the Christmas festivities. We have 10 missionaries in our zone, plus this weekend our mission president and his wife and the assistants came up, so it was a party. 
Wet season is coming full on. My companion and I have biked through the rain and floods a few times this week. We're probably getting a car soon though. That would be the best Christmas present ever. We always have thunder storms with the rain. The thunder here is so loud it literally sounds like a skyscraper is collapsing. Makes me jump higher than fire drills ever did. 
Anyway, we had another lesson with Jared and Sherry, the couple in their 30s with the young family. They are very open to talking about religious things with us and are huge fans of the bible. We showed them the Restoration video and I bore my testimony of Joseph Smith as powerfully as I could, and then Sherry just goes, "I don't doubt you when you say that this first vision actually happened, but it was probably the devil appearing to Joseph Smith as an angel of light." I was thinking, Mannn, seriously? So what you're saying is that the devil disguised himself as an angel of light and set in motion the events that would lead to the translation of the Book of Mormon which mentions God and Christ on basically every page and has been the means of bringing 15 million people to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is their Saviour? Was that Satan's ingenious plan? 
One of the most frustrating things as a missionary is seeing people's hard heartedness manifest in their blindness to the truth. We're going to smash them with the Spirit even harder next time. 
Anyway, this weekend has been the closest thing on my mission to past Thanksgiving and Christmas experiences with family. President Parker took all of us out to dinner at some Mexican restaurant, we watched our mission's new Christmas slideshow with pictures of all of us, and we had several massive meals at the Farrer's (senior missionary couple). Tomorrow we're going on a field trip to see some crocodiles. It feels like we've had 5 P-Days in a row. I have a heap of photos. I'm sorry if they're low quality. I wanted to send as many as possible. 

-Elder Koch

1. Some cool bush land surrounding the Cutta Cutta Caves. It looks like a setting in the Book of Mormon.
2. Check out this tan line 
4. For some reason they still have telephone booths in Australia. 
5. When flood season comes, the river rises above this bridge (the top of the photo). And flood season is coming very soon. Our house honestly might get flooded and I'll be pretty bummed if it does.
6. I saw Santa this year
7. The ocean from Darwin
8. The beaches at Darwin have these cool red/orange/yellow rock formations
9. Our zone plus the assistants and President and Sister Parker.
10. The assistants, Elder Matekohi and Elder Pitcher. Elder Matekohi isn't usually that high. They're both about to die (go home) soon. Sad day. We dem boyz. 
11. We decided to decorate our house this year. This guy wins awards for his lights.

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