Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015: Australia Week 12

Soooo quick email this week. I miss Thanksgiving in America because it's not a thing in Australia, but one of the members made us crocodile sausages and kangaroo steak on Thanksgiving day, so it turned out to be a good experience. Transfers are companion has been here since I opened my call and he is.....staying! Haha he's happy to stay because he loves Pirie but he's pretty bummed because he doesn't know what else God wants him to do here. By the end of next transfer he'll have spent nearly half his entire mission in the little town of Port Pirie. And I'mmm....leaving! (after being here 3 months) I don't know where I'm going yet or who my new companion is. We're going down to Adelaide today and I'll be shifted into my new place by Wednesday (Australians don't "move" to a new place, they "shift"). My companion said all his goodbyes to everyone last night, so we were both in a lot of shock when we found out he's staying. At this point he's probably here to find his wife more than anything else.
I did have the opportunity to give an impromptu talk on my last Sunday here because one of the speakers was sick, so it was nice to speak to everyone for the last time. 
I truly am going to miss the people here. All of the members have been amazing and one of a kind in their own way. The saddest thing about getting transferred is realising that I will probably never set foot in Port Pirie again in my entire life. So I really will miss the people here.  
-Elder Koch

1. One of the cooler sunsets I've seen.
2. This is the hallmark of Australia...for some reason people put heaps of chairs on their front porch and just let them sit for ages.
3. The Pirie chapel, where I was born.
4. My companion doing a marvelous job of washing our car.

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