Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015: Australia Week 8

Thanks for all of your emails and the analogies--sorry if I don't get to you within a few weeks, I'll do my best. 

This week was pretty sweet. We have a new district leader, Elder Johnson, who's totally improved the mood of the district. We went up to Whyalla for p-day and I finally got to see some real Australian ocean. My companion and Elder Johnson are trying to get fit because they only have 6 transfers (9 months) left on their missions, so they've resolved to actually eat healthy which is nearly impossible here haha. They're doing "6 transfers of sexy", so my companion gives all the extra chocolate to me which is great because I still have 10 transfers of fat. 

The one lady whose foot was hurting last week went to the hospital because her foot hurt so bad, so we're expecting a Noah's Ark sized flood pretty soon.

People in America are so amazed by kangaroos and think it's awesome to see one in a zoo or whatever, but over here they're just roadkill. They're the equivalent of squirrels because they're so ubiquitous. 

I was in Port Augusta (a small town north of Pirie) for trade offs and these Aboriginal kids were like, "Look, we caught a sleeping lizard!" So I went over and they showed me how to pick it up without getting my fingers bitten off. These things are massive--they're like one big muscle. We'll be seeing some snakes soon. 

-Elder Koch

1. The sleeping lizard (blue tongued lizard)
2. The beach of Whyalla
3. Can't leave without a selfie by the beach
4. Our new district (Elder Johnson is the one in front and Elder Mueco is the Philipino one)
5. Water I wish I could swim in
6. For those of you who think I'm in Australia, I actually never left Vegas.

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