Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 9, 2015: Australia Week 9

This week was pretty eventful. We got asked to perform an exorcism and were told "You will stay through transfers so you can perform an exorcism on my daughter." Man, great times. 
My Aussie accent is really struggling right now since my companion is a straight up Yank (what Aussies call Americans) and is from Utah. But I can do a much better redneck accent now thanks to him. My companion's 6 transfers to sexy has been a continuous struggle because the members force feed us. I've gained 17 pounds since coming on a mission and I blame most of it on the members haha. 
Oh yeah, the elderly lady whose foot hurt was spot-on. We had a massive flood for several days since she was in the hospital. 
Doug and Tina (the investigators who are our age) had their baby the other day, so they're officially parents. 

-Elder Koch

One of our aboriginal members had this kangaroo/wallaby that she carries around in her backpack. I'm not sure how it hasn't suffocated yet...

They have these gorgeous purple trees here--when you walk past the petals on the ground, they're so bright they almost hurt your eyes. It's awesome.

6 transfers to sexy has been such a success

One of our investigators has a cockatiel (?) and it landed on my companion's head so I had to give it a try

We found these sick high-vis uniforms the other day when we cleaned up our house.

"And the Holy Ghost descended in the form of a dove..."
We threw bread all over our car so we could get attacked by birds.

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