Monday, October 12, 2015

October 5, 2015: Australia Week 4

We didn't baptize anyone this week, but we did save a life. More about that in a second haha. We've got a couple solid investigators. One of them is our age and he's super pumped about baptism. He just has to get married to his girlfriend before that though since they're having a kid soon. We had a lesson with him the other night about the Plan of Salvation and he was super engaged, asking a bunch of questions--he's even excited to give up his beer so he can be baptized. I'm excited for him. 

There's only one heater in the house and it's winter here, so we're freezing all the time. The next day it was 90 degrees so we're blasting the AC. Summer makes riding the bikes so exciting! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. The farmer's tan is real--I'm getting some nice color on my forearms, and then you go up 1 inch and it's blazing white. Seriously though--I could have a legitimate competition with Snow White to see who's "fairest in all the land". 
So back to the life we saved. We were riding bikes one day and we see this lady whacking her engine with a broomstick. We rode up and said, "That's an interesting way to fix your car--can we help?" She told us there was a cat stuck in her engine. I didn't believe her until I heard was the weirdest thing. She had gotten it out once before but it ran back into the engine and she couldn't get it out, so she had been driving to the shops and running errands for the past 2 days with a cat stuck in her engine. I don't know how the heck that thing survived. My companion started digging for it, getting black grease all over his arms. We finally pulled out this baby kitten out after half an hour and fed it some tuna, then took it to the vet. My companion rode his bike to the vet with no hands, holding the cat up in the air like Simba while singing the Lion King song hahaha. Great times. 

The friendliest thing in Australia is the flies. You could have 5 flies buzzing around your head and start running a 5k, and the same 5 flies would be with you at the finish line. 
Transfers are coming up in a couple weeks, so we'll see if I stay in Port Pirie. My companion has been here since I got my mission call, so he's never leaving haha. I've got a few pictures for you. 

-Elder Koch

 The beautiful ocean view from Port Pirie. 

They had this thing called the Smelter's Picnic the other day which is like a fair that the whole town goes to. We got this massive thing called Mettwhurst, which is basically salami. We're halfway done with it haha. 

The kitten we saved.

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