Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015: Australia Week 7

This week we had our primary program--it's funny since back home we have 100+ kids singing as loud as they can, but here we had 4 kids so we all sang the same songs with them. It was pretty awesome. I had flashbacks to the good old days haha. 

Here in Pirie we don't have many investigators right now--we do a lot of work with the recent converts and less actives. So we do heaps of service for people to help them out and invite them back to church. This one older lady that we pulled weeds for is so funny--we had a storm this week which was sooo nice. It's been blazing hot and it finally rained for a couple days. We rode our bikes through a rainstorm and it was the best day ever. So this lady tells us, "My foot always hurts when it's going to rain. My foot knows when it's going to foot always knows." Her foot was hurting that day and of course it rained hahaha. So we don't need a weather forecast, we just need to ask her if her foot hurts. 

We were visiting this other older lady and asked her if she needed help with anything and she jokingly asked us if we were good at cutting hair because her dog needed a haircut. So of course my companion plops this fat shaggy dog on his lap and starts cutting its hair off with scissors. I jumped in and started cutting as well on the front porch and an hour and a half later this thing is shaved with the most patchy haircut ever. The older lady was so happy though because we saved her $100. 

Everybody calls me Elder "Kosh" here because they don't pronounce my name "Coke" since there's this guy on TV who has the same last name and they call him "Koshy". So I've just decided to be "Elder Kosh" for the rest of my mission haha. 

-Elder Koch

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