Monday, October 26, 2015

October 19, 2015: Australia Week 6

So transfers were this week. Guess where I'm going? Nowhere. And my companion is staying here in Port Pirie too. He says he loves it here but he's been here since March so he's pretty disappointed. We finally got some investigators to church yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks--hallelujah.
The other day we were riding bikes back home, and we see these 3 people walking towards us, so I walk up to them and ask how they're going (sidenote: In Australia people say "How you goin'?" and not so much "How's it going") and they were all excited for some reason. Strangers are never excited to see us so I was confused as (sidenote 2: Aussies say "as" after something to say it wasvery much so. So I could say "I was sick as" or "this ice cream is frozen as" and it would mean the same thing as "I was sick as heck" or whatever you want to throw in the blank--fill in the simile yourself because Aussies don't). The 3 people said "We're going on a prayer walk! Want to join?" Haha it was awesome--they said a prayer with us right there on the side of the road. 
Other than that, this one day we were tracting and we were so thirsty since we never take water with us because the members usually give us drinks. We knocked on this one guy's door and he said "No guys, I'm not interested" and he was about to close the door, but I was just like, "I know you're not interested, but can we have some water?" So he went back in his house and brought us some water. Pure faith right there haha. 
I've only seen one kangaroo since I've gotten here, and they have these lizards the size of my forearm that just chill out in the middle of the road and are too slow to move so sometimes we run over them.
By the way, I have a request: I love using analogies to teach people because it makes so much more sense to them, but since I have limited access to looking things up as a missionary I would love it if you could send me any gospel related analogies that have stuck out to you over the years. It could be anything, as simple as "Faith is like the wind because you cannot see it, but the trees blowing in the wind is evidence that it is there", etc. etc. Investigators and members understand visual analogies like that so much more than a complicated concept.

-Elder Koch

1. Lizard in the road.

2. Sometimes I study Lehi's dream instead of reading it.

3. On P-day we went to this Vietnam War museum and saw the Australian helicopters that fought in the war. It was pretty sweet.

4. Bikes ALL DAY. My thighs are getting massive from all this biking. (You think I'm joking but I'm actually serious.)

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