Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015: Australia Week 5

Transfers are next week, so I might be getting a new companion. Most likely I'll stay out here in the middle of nowhere and my companion will go someplace else. He's been here since I opened my mission call in March haha it's crazy. Think about that. 

We finally got to watch conference this week since we get it a week later down under. One thing that stood out to me was asking the question "What is keeping me from progressing?" in our personal prayer. I did that last night and the Spirit really smashed me. I have some pride-related weaknesses I need to fix. What I like about that talk was that we will receive specific answers customized individually for us. The answer I received wasn't just "pride", it was a very specific mindset that has been hindering me. When you ask that question and genuinely want an answer, the Spirit will smash you with something you need to improve. 

I was at Hungry Jacks (basically Burger King) the other day and I asked for a water cup and the girl at the counter was so confused. I might as well have asked her, "Where did you come from, why are you here, and where are you going?" because the look on her face would be the same. Hahaha apparently Aussies are clueless as to what a water cup is so she finally gave me a glass of Hungry Jack's tap water. I'm pretty sure it was yellow. And there is no such thing as a dollar menu at Macca's (McDonalds) here. It's blasphemy. Most of the combo meals are nine or ten bucks--it's wild. 

Oh yeah, we got pulled over last night and my companion got randomly selected ("randomly") to be breathalysed by the cops. He was soo nervous since tickets here are $500 for going 8 K's (5mph) over. Great times. 

Another thing I've learned on my mission is patience: we have 6 hour phone conferences for trainings where we just listen to their meeting going on in Adelaide. Sometimes the days are long too, but I just remember as Wiz always told me, "Long days, hard work forever pays." We're doing our best with the finding whether it's door knocking or street contacting. Sometimes somebody won't be interested but they'll offer us a drink because it's blazing outside. I'm always thankful for those people--because we don't take water with us on our bikes, we just rely on faith haha. 

No photos from Australia this week, so I'll include a couple throwbacks to the MTC.

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