Monday, October 12, 2015

September 28, 2015: Australia Week 3

Ellloooo! This week we got smashed with service (smashed is Aussie slang--use it all the time) and we literally did service projects every day this week except when we were in Adelaide. We did everything from mowing lawns and weeds to shoveling horse manure.

So they have this stuff here called Milo and it's basically Australians' version of chocolate milk except it's made with barley so it has a weird flavour--Australian kids are grown up on it: they almost drink it before they drink milk. So my companion and I make iced Milos about 4 times a day now. Sooo good. 

One of the funny things here about church is that we ALWAYS sing every single verse of the hymns. If we're singing a sacrament hymn and they're done breaking the bread by the end of verse 2, we'll go on to sing the next 5 verses regardless. They never stop haha. 

Oh...I just remembered a good story. My companion and I went to see this one lady who's a little wild to share a spiritual thought and see how she's doing. She says that our spirits visit her and she always fills us in on "what's going on in the world" and tells us these conspiracy theories like how the United Nations is secretly forming terrorist groups and how Jesus went into hiding to teach people in underground tunnels, etc. I love our visits. They're great. She goes to say the closing prayer and prefaces it by saying "Well I guess we'll see what my mouth says" and continues "Unto Elder Koch, I would say, 'Well done' and unto Elder Kendall I would say, 'Thou art the chosen one' ". Somehow we made it through that prayer with many coughs and I told my companion he'd better become the next prophet hahaha. 

We've heard from the assistants that we might be getting iPads within the next few months. I try to never get my hopes up, so cross your fingers for us. I'm crossing mine right now as I tyype. 
Anyway, I hope things are going well at home! Don't forget to read your scriptures.

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