Monday, October 12, 2015

August 31, 2015: Provo MTC Week 1

Welcome to the MTC, a magical land where your first name becomes nonexistent and you can't tell the difference between a Sunday and a Wednesday. Great times. Anyway, the first few days at the MTC were pretty rough for me--it's hard to adjust to 16 hours of church every day. But I've been adjusting. My companion is Elder Baker. He's from Utah, and we have different teaching styles, which made it hard to work together to start. We've been getting along better the last few days though. We laugh at each other's jokes all the time and we've been practicing our Australian accents all day.

The MTC food is a lot like the Cannon Center at BYU, but I think it's better. The problem is, the MTC has been making me so fat. The other day my diet literally consisted of pizza, cake, and chocolate milk. Who the heck designs the menu around here? Hahaha 

The other day we did this role play thing with "investigators" and some of them actually turned out to be real investigators, which I didn't even know until we were done haha. The MTC feels like EFY on steroids, except for missionaries. It's a tough transition to go from summer term at BYU, which was literally the best time of my life, straight to the MTC. It's definitely a challenge to change your perspective from college, where everything is about you, your classes, and what you want to do that day, to the perspective of a missionary where everything is about selflessness and service. I had to go from zero to 100, real quick. 

I'm already leaving in a week, so I'm super excited. We fly out to San Francisco, then to Auckland, New Zealand, then to Adelaide. Freaking New Zealand. I am so pumped! It takes 2 days of travel from the time we fly out to the time we arrive in Adelaide. And all I have to read is preach my gospel and my scriptures. I'm going to be a gospel genius by the time I get off this plane. Anyway, I feel like I've been learning a lot, and I'm ready to get out there and do the real thing. I can't send many pictures this week, but you'll get plenty soon. Here's my companion and I at the temple.

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